Amoré Pet Sitting Service, LLC is endorsed by Prairie Village and Fairway Animal Hospitals

Thanks for 22 years. It was August of 1990 you first helped me out. Thanks for working with me then when I had to work out of town. You have given me peace of mind about being able to get away.

Don Beyer, Prairie Village

I’m not sure how I survived before Lynette. She visits Fred every day; walks him, plays with him, teaches him new tricks. I no longer feel guilty about working long hours because I know Fred is having a great time.

Deborah Borek, M.D., Kansas City, MO

Amoré is #1 on our list. Lynette is very prompt and reliable. I don’t have to worry!!! She takes great care of our cat Zoey. You can tell she truly loves animals. She talks to her and Zoey knows how much she cares about her. Lynette also waters and cares for the yard and plants. Even during the hottest of summers, we have returned home to see our plants looked better than when we left – unbelievable! Thank you Lynette for making it so easy to leave and not worry.

Gretchen Titus, Prairie Village

Lynette has been wonderful to my cats and dogs. I could not leave home with such peace of mind if not for her. She has handled at least one crisis situation with a cool head and professionalism. My pets are always very happy to see her when she comes to visit . . . this being is the most important testimonial. I hope she stays in business for a long time!

Chris & Karen Grotewohl, Roeland Park

I’ve used Lynette’s services since 1998 and I have to say she has made my travel completely worry-free. She has taken a sick cat to the vet for me, picked up medications, watered my plants and called the yard man when my sprinkler head broke. I have two cats & a dog and they adore the attention and time they get with Lynette. Once, I returned home in a snow storm and walked into a nice warm house. The cats were content on the couch and the dog sleeping on the rug. They looked up at me as if to say: “Hmmm, she’s home.” Seems as if they didn’t miss me at all!

Cheri Wright, Kansas City, MO

I don’t know what we would do without Lynette. We never traveled much before. We felt too guilty about leaving our dogs behind in a kennel or a doggie day care because they were stressed and traumatized from the strange environment when they got home. But when we leave them comfortable at home with Lynette, they’re happy campers when we get home. We no longer feel guilty about leaving them home when we travel.

Robert & Molly Parker, Mission Hills

Thank you for 16 years of excellent service . . . and counting. In 1996, Mimi, our Schipperke, wriggled into our busy lives. A week later, you met her and became a central figure in her world. You are an exceptional service provider and Mimi adores you. Your care and companionship exceeds our expectation. As Mimi’s needs grow, your services grow to meet them. You dispense medications and follow special dietary needs when required. You’re a familiar face at our vet and our local ER animal clinic. You’re here for her regardless of time or weather. In addition to tending to Mimi’s needs, you meet ours as well: collecting mail and packages, retrieving our bins on trash day and watering thirsty plants. You provide peace of mind so that we can work, travel, vacation and provide Mimi with the very best care. You make our lives possible with our busy and curious canine. The petite brunette and the little black dog are a well known two-some in our neighborhood. Amoré Pet Sitting Service Walks the Walk. Thank you Lynette!

Joseph & Jan Medved, Prairie Village

When Lynette first visited our home to meet Lady, our Cocker Spaniel, she introduced herself, shook my hand and then, looking down, said: “Hi, you must be Lady!” Lynette sat on our entryway floor and just talked to Lady for the next 10 minutes. I knew immediately that this was a person who cared for dogs. Lady is now 18 and still loves Lynette. One could not wish for more for the canine member of the family! Thanks for all you’ve done for Lady and us!

Jim & Louise Eisenbrandt, Overland Park

When a client calls inquiring about a pet sitter, I can recommend Amoré Pet Sitting Service with confidence. From my experience, Lynette has continually provided excellent care for all of my furry children.

Jane McIntyre, Fairway Animal Hospital

Lynette is a lover of animals and a trustworthy person who has helped us care for our aging cat to the end of her life and now for our new kitten. We travel frequently and we rest assured that everything will be okay at home both with our pet and for looking after the house. I would recommend her to anyone.

Owen & Alice McPherson, Prairie Village

We feel very safe and comfortable knowing Lynette is in our home when we are gone and are very happy with the rapport she has established with each of our pets.

Kelly & Kathy Pinkham, Mission